Immerse yourself in the whimsical worlds created
by Hayao Miyazaki with Miyazaki Magic, a collection
of 30 Procreate color swatches inspired by the
legendary filmmaker's vibrant and dreamy palettes.
These swatches capture the essence of Miyazaki's
storytelling, from the lush landscapes of Spirited
Away to the vivid skies of Howl's Moving Castle.
Perfect for fans of Studio Ghibli and artists
looking to infuse their work with a touch of
magic, these palettes offer a wide range of
colors that reflect the emotional depth and
beauty found in Miyazaki's films. Let your
creativity soar and bring your own enchanting
stories to life with these beautifully curated
color swatches.
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┏━━━━━━━━❀How to use❀ ━━━━━━━━┓

This digital product is made exclusively for Procreate.
After your purchase, you will get a link to download
the swatches file directly into Procreate.

1. Click the download link on your device where
Procreate is installed.
2. The file will automatically open in Procreate
as a new swatch palette.
3. Start using your new Miyazaki-inspired color
swatches for your next magical creation!

Note: These swatches are compatible with all
versions of Procreate that support swatch files.

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As a lover of animation and storytelling, I've
always been inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's ability
to create worlds that are as emotionally
resonant as they are visually stunning. This
collection of swatches is my homage to his
genius, crafted to help you bring a piece of
that magic into your own artwork. Whether you're
a fan of Studio Ghibli or just someone who
appreciates the power of color in storytelling,
these swatches are for you.
Discover more magical art resources at

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- You can use these swatches for any private or
commercial project.
- The swatches can be applied to any artwork
created with Procreate.
- Redistribution of these swatches as your own
is not permitted.
- For any questions or support, feel free to
contact our customer service.

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These Brushes work with Procreate only. Free updates are included.

Which app is it for?
For procreate.
How many brushes do I get?
Please check the description to find out what exactly is included.

How to install the brushes? You will get a dropbox download link. You only need to click procreate and they will import right away.

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