About CozyBrushery: A Tale of Grit, Giggles, and Glorious Brushes

Hey there! Welcome to CozyBrushery, where every brush has a backstory. Born into a humble family, my first love affair was with the little shops that sold pens and paper. Drawing was my whole world and aside from doing art, gazing at the expensive pens and papers was my favorite thing to do. On my 19th birthday my boyfriend (today husband) gifted me a Wacom Bamboo. That tablet was my first crash with digital art. My digital creations looked like they were drawn by a toddler with attitude problems, especially when compared to my traditional art.

At university I saved all my money to get my first ipad, an ipad mini. My digital art was still a terrible mess. Procreate caught my eye with its minimalist design. It felt so right and intuitive. Usually I get intimidated easily with new and complicated looking apps. Yet, the Procreate brush engine left me longing for more, like a chef craving just the right spice. I had no place to go and look for inspiring brushes.

Determined to bridge the gap between "meh" and "masterpiece," I wanted to create brushes that didn't just mimic traditional art tools but sang with their own unique voice.

  • When I first

    dipped my toes into the brush-making, I was just hoping for a sprinkle of sales, thinking maybe a handful of artsy folks might pity-buy my creations. In fact, my first brushset was listed on Gumroad. It was a Shoe Set where I poured my whole heart into, but the sales just didn't budge.

  • I made a pause for a few months

    until my daughter was born. I moved with my family to Japan, Tokyo and the the tight income made me pick up brushes again. This time I was determined to show the people that my brushes are really good. I started an Etsy shop, and then, bam! Reviews started rolling in like unexpected guests and I thought, "Hey, maybe I'm onto something here!"

  • So,

    I dove headfirst into the brush crafting. My brain became a 24/7 brush brainstorming machine—daydreaming about brushes, and even in bed I was sketching brushes in my mind instead of counting sheep.

After what felt like a million hours

of trial and error I discovered the magic formula: Double Brushes. They were certainly more difficult to handle, but rewarding in the end.

Amidst diaper changes and baby naps I used all the time available to craft the brushes. It was a journey of passion, persistence and panic.


CozyBrushery isn't just a collection of brushes. It is a testament to the power of perseverance, the creativity and beauty of turning challenges into triumphs.

It is for the dreamers, the doers and everyone who believes that art should be fun and be the friend who pulls us up when we need a hand.

From a tiny shop lover to a digital brush inovator. I made it my mission to add magic to your digital canvas, one brush stroke at a time.

Because in the end, we're not just creating art; we're crafting stories, laughter, and a little bit of that childhood wonder we all cherish deep down.

But why stop at brushes?

My creativity had a growth spurt. So I started to try making stamps, animated backgrounds, PNGtubers, and even threw in some commission-based art into the mix. My digital art toolbox was expanding faster than my waistline during the holidays, and I was here for it, ready to sprinkle a little more creativity into the world, one pixel at a time.