Were you always scared of backgrounds? Even if you try they just don't turn out right? You always want to master background but end up giving up?
Have a fresh start with my super easy procreate nature brushes.
Everything you need is included: Want to draw clouds, grass, trees, stones? This foliage set will cover everything. Not only will it be incredibly easy to get awesome results each time, it will feel like deep relaxation and you will find yourself sketching some clouds or grass just to unstress.
Satisfaction guaranteed.

66 grass brushes
125 foliage brushes
50 cloud brushes
48 plant brushes
a variety of foliage, stone, cloud and tree stamps

About myself:
I have been an artist for 20+ years and I want to support other artists and to-be artists on their journey to perfection until they can create whatever they can imagine. When I was starting out I have tested many brushes myself and I was frustrated with the packs of hundreds and thousands of brushes where each and every one looks similar but they did not help me improve my art. I just wasted time and money. I want to bring you handpicked carefully crafted brushes that will remove all despair and show you the joy of drawing and painting.

These Brushes work with Procreate only. Free updates are included.

Which app is it for?
For procreate.
How many brushes do I get?
Please check the description to find out what exactly is included.

How to install the brushes? You will get a dropbox download link. You only need to click procreate and they will import right away.

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