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Procreate Basics

25 Dec 2023

One of the big advantages of Procreate is: its simple interface and clean design make it easy for beginners to catch on and start creating right away. After a fresh Installation, what you see are the example Artworks. Just one click on the preview images opens the Artwork and you edit them. The Gallery button brings you back to the Gallery preview.

Swipe left on any file to see the Context menu. It says Share, Duplicate, Delete.

To rename a file, just click on its name and type in the new name.

You can group files into folders, which in Procreate are called "Stacks". To create a stack, just drag 1 artwork into another. You can also click first "select", and then select all the files you want to group. You can remove files from a stack at any time or take it to a new group.

To create a new file, just click the +.

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